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Monthly legal services for companies include:

  • Compilation and analysis of contract agreements, acceptance-handover acts, statements, letter notices, orders, statutes, regulations, instructions and other documents.

  • Representation in the National Bureau of Enforcement, the House of Justice and various state private or non-governmental organizations (also in relations with individuals.)

  • Convening and organizing the meeting of partners and drawing up minutes of the meeting of partners, making various types of credentials.

  • Providing legal advice and providing legal assistance.

  • Representing the Ministry of Finance, the Disputes Board and the Mediation Board of the Revenue Service.

  • Filing civil and administrative lawsuits in court and advocacy in full (until the end of the case.)

  • Providing legal assurance in connection with state purchases and tenders.

  • Participation in procedures for obtaining licenses and permits in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Licenses and Permits.

  • Involvement in the process of collecting receivables.

  • Drawing up an administrative complaint and participating in proceedings.

  • Trademark registration and patenting.

  • various.

Special terms of service for companies:

  • Services are provided through 5 corporate lawyers and 5 lawyers, who have the competence to provide legal services in Russian and English .

  • You can define a trial period of the service from 1 to 3 months.

  • In case of cooperation with us, the legal consultation for your company's director, partners and  employees will be free of charge, and the cost of legal services and representation in court will be covered by the administrative and civil law It is determined taking into account the discount on cases
    in a fixed amount. (500 GEL regardless of the complexity and volume of the case).

  • With us, liability for legal services is insured for 30,000 GEL.

  • Our company does not receive additional royalties from won lawsuits.

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